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403 Forbidden Error with HTML Post

You may receive this error if your webhost has mod_security enabled for Apache. mod_security scans through your POST for any special characters or words that it deems a potential risk to security and triggers this 403 Forbidden error.

This HTML Post error maybe avoided in the following ways:

  1. Not using those special characters or words in your HTML Post. Or you may encode them with JavaScript before sending them to server and then decode them with PHP once it reaches the server safely.

  2. Turn off mod_security Post filters using .htaccess file. Just edit your root .htaccess file with the following lines:

    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

    But this may not always work as you might not have permission to do so, disabled by your webhost admin, resulting in 503 Service Unavailable error instead.

  3. Ask your webhost admin/support to disable mod_security for your account.